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Complementary Therapies

Ear Candling

Ear Candling - 40 minutes£30

The technique of Ear Candling has been used over hundreds of years. This gentle relaxing treatment gives a warm and comforting massage to the ear drum, which can helps to draw out impurities, relieve itching and discomfort; helping clients who suffer from excessive ear wax, difficulty hearing, problems when flying, sinusitis, tinnitus, glue ear, stress, anxiety. Concludes with Aromatherapy facial drainage massage.

Flower and Gem Essence Therapy

Flower and Gem Essence Therapy

About Flower and Gem Essences

Flower and Gem Essence Therapy works on an energetic level to restore the equilibrium of the body, mind and spirit.

Through the method of ‘sun infusion’ pioneered in the 1930’s by the eminent Hardly Street physician Dr. Edward Bach Flower Essences come from preserved blossoms that hold the ‘signature’ of the flower, which contains a subtle energy that can resonate with the body.

“These herbs have succeeded again and again where all other treatment which has been tried has failed…..It is not the disease that is of importance, it is the patient, the way in which he or she is affected, which is our true guide to healing.”
Dr Edward Bach

Gem and crystals, as concentrated forms of light energy have been used in medicine since ancient times. Research indicates they energetically clear the tube or ducts that are the foundation of our ‘subtle’ electrical system.

Their Uses

Used to treat the underlying mental, emotional or spiritual problems which are common in our modern lives and often manifest themselves as physical illnesses or ailments; stress, insomnia, bereavement, depression, feeling overwhelmed.

Each essence is aimed at a different ‘state of mind’ or emotion, taken individually or having a blend prepared. Flower and Gem Essences are a natural way to help unblock patterns that can inhibit someone.

Rather working directly on the physical illness these essences work by helping you to cope with the emotional demands that life brings; bringing more positive feelings and regaining your sense of balance, restoring harmony to the mind and therefore allowing the bodys natural healing defences work more easily.

Flower remedies are safe, non-toxic and have no side effects, working very gently to restore harmony and can be used on adults, children and animals.

They are a complementary therapy, not an alternative therapy, and are safe to use alongside conventional medicine, homeopathy and aromatherapy.

About the Treatment.

On your first treatment we will have a discussion to identify the emotions which you feel need addressing.

For this initial treatment please allow up to 90 minutes, this allows time for you to feel comfortable discussing you emotional needs and for me to make notes to help to choose the most appropriate combination of Essence remedies for your personal mixture.

Remedies are taken orally and dosage instructions will be written on the bottle for you

Follow Up Treatment

It may be appropriate to review progress and vary the remedies if required, follow up consultations of 30-45 minute allow us to review progress and if necessary vary the flower essence remedy.

Alternatively, following a discussion if the current remedy is still appropriate for you then further treatment bottles can be provided. I offer a pick up or postal service for this.

Essence remedies can benefit the following

  • Mental exhaustion
  • Lacking energy
  • Shock and/or Trauma
  • Constant thoughts, unable to switch thoughts off.
  • Nightmares
  • Insomnia
  • Lacking in confidence, shyness
  • Feelings of inadequacy, discouragement, despondency
  • Difficulty coming to terms with a new situation in life
  • Unable to let go of the past, difficulty moving on

Essence remedies can also aid in enhancing

  • Clarity and Intuition
  • Faith and Inspiration
  • Spiritual Alignment
  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Order and Practicality

Treatment Fees

  • Initial Consultation (up to 90 minutes)
    & Flower Essence Remedy £40

  • Follow up 30-45 min review following
    the initial consultation £30

Additional Treatment bottles

  • to be collected £20

  • to be posted £23